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Telecom: Pricing


 The Telecommunications Department bills each department monthly for recurring charges (i.e. lease of phoneset/line, etc.) as well as long distance calls (see section on authorization codes--pg ). In addition, we bill departments for all work orders. Below is a list of recurring costs and installation price information.

Recurring Monthly Charges

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Digital and Analog Sets, Lines and Options

Cost per month

Digital Line $15.00
M2008 - No Longer Available $3.00
M2008HF - No Longer Available $5.00
M2616 - No Longer Available $7.00
M3904 (speaker w/display) $7.00
MCA (Meridian Communications Adapter) $3.00
M2616 22-Button Add On $7.00
Analog Line $15.00
Analog Phoneset $3.00
ATA (Analog Terminal Adapter) $8.00

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Additional Hardware Features

Cost per month

Purchase Cost

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Headset $4.00
Wireless Headset $7.00
External Alerter $3.00
14' Line Cord $10.00
25' Line Cord $14.00
12' Handset Cord $10.00
25' Handset Cord $14.00

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Cellular Phone Rentals

Cost per day

Cost per week

Cost per month

$2.00 * $7.00 * $26.00 *
* plus the cost for calls made
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Mon-Fri (8:00-4:30)

(cost per hour)
UMS Entity




Non-Profit Entity





Option 1 (ISDN)
(we place a high speed 384k call)
Organization M-F, 8-4:30pm
U Maine System $25/hr.*
Nonprofit $25/hr.*
Option 2 (IP Network Address)
Organization M-F, 8-4:30pm
U Maine System $25/hour
Nonprofit $50/hour
* for a high speed 384K conection- add an additional $50.00 per hour  

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Installation Price Information


Cost of Service

General Labor Charge $25.00 per hour
Programming Fee (software changes) (1) $10.00 per phoneset
The prices below include the labor and programming fee
Activate Jack, Install or Remove Phone $35.00
Install New Jack By estimate only: 581-1606
Activate or Deactivate Data Jack (2) $25.00
Install or Remove Headset $25.00
Install or Remove External Alerter By estimate only: 581-1606
Relocate phoneset from one location to another (3) $25.00
Temporary Install of Analog and Digital Line (4) $35.00


(1) $10.00 per phoneset as long as no technician time is involved.
(2) This is just Telecom's portion of the charge. CIT and CAPS have additional charges.
(3) If a whole department is relocating call 581-1606 for an estimate.
(4) There is no charge to deactivate a temporary install.

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Help Line/Reporting Problems

Telecommunications provides a help line to assist staff and students who have questions or need assistance with phoneset features or Meridian Mail. You should also report problems with your line (i.e. no dial tone) to the appropriate help line. A trouble ticket is generated and the tickets are prioritized, and in most cases, corrected the same day. The help lines are available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

 Staff Help Line: at 581-1610

 Student Help Line: at 581-1609

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