Student Computer Technician II

If you think you have advanced skills from any of these areas -- programming, Web design, classroom technology troubleshooting, working knowledge of software packages - you should apply.
Faculty Technology Consultant. Starting pay range is higher than average and based on experience with the possibility of advancement. Long-term position with 60-day trial period.
Job Requirements
  • Must be sociable, very patient, and possess strong communication skills.
  • Knowledge of computers is required, as is the ability to quickly learn how to use new computer equipment and software. Advanced experience with FirstClass, Blackboard is a plus.
  • Ability to work under pressure and multitask.
  • Must be able to quickly adapt to changing environments and remain flexible.
  • Ability to coordinate specific departmental projects and work of others.
Job Responsibilities
(training will be given for skills not already possessed)
  • Assisting in the administration of FirstClass course conferences and BlackBoard;
  • Support: telephone, one-on-one, classroom calls, and the future possibility of teaching technology workshops to faculty and staff;
  • Digitizing analog materials: video, audio, and printed documents;
  • Assisting faculty to choose appropriate technology tools to help them achieve their teaching goals;
  • Being moderately aware of new technologies and possible implications for education;
  • Offer beginner support for certain software titles: MS Office, Macromedia Studio, Adobe CS, et al.


Any interested parties can email Andrei Strukov ( or call us at +1 207 581-1925. Please state the areas of your advanced computer skills and your expected graduation time. Feel free to stop by our offices at 149 Memorial Union -- advanced appointment will be helpful.

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