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More and more faculty members on our campus are adding media content to their courses. Many times, streaming audio and video to your students' computers is the best solution to achieve your goals.

Streamed files are not downloaded to the user's computer, therefore they do not clog the end user's machine. They are being played on the server. Sound quality is good, especially if you are using external speakers on your computer or headphones, video quality is acceptable for some purposes. Please click on the samples below to hear and view streamed files to judge the quality.

Streaming Video Examples
Streaming Audio Examples
coming soon...

Faculty Development Center has all the necessary software and fast computers to do the job quickly and efficiently,and we are happy to assist you. To make an appointment please call 581-1925 or stop by our offices at 149 Memorial Union.


If time permits we can offer digitizing services for faculty, just stop by our office in 149 Memorial Union and ask.

You might also want to get in touch with Audio Visual Services who offer professional video services for a small fee.


On request we can setup a podcasting or vodcasting service, although we do suggest you choose to go with our streaming media server unless you know why you would want to create a webcast.

More information on podcasting can be found here.

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