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Test Scoring FAQs

If we run out of the pink evaluation forms can we use photocopies?
No. Photocopied forms do not scan correctly and will put skewed data into the evaluation for that instructor.
When I received the evaluation reports for my department, there was no “All Classes” report for Dr. Mothra, even though he taught three classes. All the other instructors had an “All Classes” report. What happened to Dr. Mothra's?
The instructor’s name must be exactly the same on the blue header sheet for two or more consecutive course evaluation sets in order for an “All Classes” report to be generated. The most common reason for failure is messy erasures that are interpreted as a character. Use white-out or fill in the bubble for a blank space to make sure erasures are not read by the scanner. Another reason for a missing “All Classes” is when the evaluation sets for any instructor are not placed consecutively in the package of submitted evaluations.
Last semester some evaluation forms were returned from scanning with parts of the comments erased. Why was that?
Writing in the margins of the evaluation form can interfere with scanning. When this happens, the form is photocopied before the erasure is made and the photo copy is returned with the altered form. To avoid this, departments can provide students with blank paper for their comments.

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