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Online Course Requests


Students, please use this form to report your problems or call the IT Help Center at 581-2506.


Faculty Using Blackboard

Your courses are created automatically within Blackboard for future semesters. You can access blackboard here. If you need Blackboard support, you can call the Faculty Development Center at 581-1925 with your questions.

(Blackboard users: no need to request a new course. Please view this update!)

Faculty Using FirstClass

In order to get an automatically populated FirstClass course conference follow these steps.

  • Navigate to Faculty Resources
  • Click on "Course Conference Creation Tool"
  • Double-click the course you want a conference for
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
NOTE: If you get the message "Sorry you are not permitted to perform that function" close out of the Conference Creation Tool and open it again. (If you do not have the Faculty Resources icon on your desktop, please call the IT Help Center at 581-2506.)

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