2006 Stipend Recipients

Every year the Department of Information Technologies awards IT Faculty Technology Stipends to UMaine faculty. These stipends are to compensate for the extra time and effort needed for faculty members to develop technology-based resources for their courses. Between 12-15 awards are made annually. The stipends range from $1,000 to $1,250 each.

The winners of the 2006 IT Faculty Technology Stipends are listed below:

  1. David Batuski, Physics and Astronomy

    David Batuski will be employing the use of web-based animation to bring abstract phenomena and other planets to life.

  2. Wayne Ingalls, Business School

    Wayne Ingalls intends to make a Video Pod cast available for his students. A Video Podcast is a subscription service that delivers video content (or lectures in this case) to your computer or compatible video player, such as the Apple iPod.

  3. Michael Grillo, Art

    Michael Grillo is to develop a web site that will allow students to better understand select artwork by allowing them to compare and contrast two random pieces. Student's ideas would then be stored and could be seen and commented by anyone in class.

  4. Gisela Hoecherl-Alden, Modern Languages and Classics

    Gisela Hoecherl-Alden plans to implement instructional DVDs and digital recording to help students by allowing more frequent video exposure and allowing students to evaluate themselves and others in foreign-language mastering. Video clips will be available online.

  5. Madelon Kohler-Busch & Kathleen March, Modern Languages and Classics

    Madelon Kohler-Busch and Kathleen March project are to develop an Audio Podcasting site that will be a resource for students of various levels in foreign language (German and Spanish) acquisition.

  6. Shannon Martin, Communication and Journalism

    Shannon Martin will be using her funds to make 1,000 documents available online for her students as part of her course Websites.

  7. Ursula Pritham, Nursing

    Due to student demand Ursula Pritham will be using her funds to update and digitize the videos available in Nursing's strained learning resource lab. The movies will be available online in a password-protected environment.

  8. Barbara Stewart, Chemistry

    Barbara Stewart's award will go towards the creation of online simulation and tutorials that will help students visualize molecules and understand theory and reactivity in an advanced inorganic chemistry course.

  9. Vivian Wu, Food Science and Human Nutrition

    Vivian Wu is going to convert FSN 238 into a web based course via WebCT to overcome space and man-power constraints.

  10. Mark Kelley, Communication and Journalism

    Mark Kelly will be putting his funds towards upgrading and expanding the computer-driven teleprompter system in the Alumni Hall television studio where he teaches his Communications course "Advanced Television News Production".

  11. Eric Gallandt, Plant, Soil, and Environmental Science

    Eric Gallandt will create a series of visual quizzes via WebCT that will help students in detecting and identifying weeds.

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