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IT Help Center
[Girl on telephone]It is the Help Center's mission to provide first-level computing support to the University Community. The Help Center specifically provides support regarding the use of the FirstClass email/conferencing system, UNET (residence hall network), WebCT, software applications and operating systems. They are also an excellent resource for the detection and removal of viruses and recovery of operating environments.
Faculty Development Center
The Faculty Development Center is a one stop shop for faculty and staff. They offer workshops and one-on-one support for faculty and staff here at the University.
Password Troubles
[Guys on phone]Forget your password? No problem, go to this section of our website to find out what to do next.
Software Tutorials
Before you ask for help from any else, you should check to see if a tutorial is available for what you are trying to do. We have an ever growing list of tutorials and resources: check them out here.
Who to contact?
Have some troubles and don't know who to contact? Please check our services section.

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