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Become a CML Consultant


As a CML Consultant you will be working for the Department of Information Technologies. Please check the job description below.

Required Skills

  • Excellent Customer Service skills and the desire to help people learn
  • Trustworthiness – must be honest, dependable, able to work independently and make the best interests of the lab a priority
  • Experience in operating Mac and PC computers
  • Experience in using Web Page and Graphic Design software
  • Experience using Video/Audio Production equipment and/or software
  • Experience using CD/DVD Production equipment and software
  • Experience in operating peripheral hardware devices including but not limited to: Scanners, Printers, Media Card Readers, External storage drives, CD/DVD Burner/Printers, DV/VHS/DVD players

Preferred Skills

  • Experience in Animation software including but not limited to: Maya, Flash
  • Experience with maintaining Mac/PC operating systems including installation of peripheral devices periodic maintenance
  • Experience in operating Audio/Video Equipment including but not limited to: Digital Still/Video Cameras, Sound/Recording Systems, Compressed Video Conferencing
  • Experience in web design including but not limited to: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS


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