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CML provides the following services for its customers.

CD/DVD Production

The CML has equipment capable for creating CD's and DVD's for individual copies.

  • All stations have CD/DVD burning capabilities and are free to use.
  • CD's are available for $0.25 and DVD's for $.50.
  • Paper sleeves are available at no cost.

The CML has 4 flatbed scanners, as well as 1 slide and 1 large 14" x 17" scanner.

When using these scanners, please login with "user" and "cluster", rather than your UMS ID. They may not work otherwise.


Xerox Phaser 7750 large color printer (up to tabloid), HP Banner 5500ps color laser jet printer (up to 40”x 100'), Multi-copy CD and DVD production with on-disk printing.

Click here for more information on printing.

Conference Room

State of the art Video / Audio Conferencing, Internet2 access, Ceiling mounted projector with extra wide screen.

Click here for more information on our conference room.


8 G-5 OS X dual processor Macs with Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia Suite, IMovie, IDVD, IPhoto, Garage Band, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and many more softwares.

Click here for more information on stations.

Equipment Loans

XLR Microphones, Wireless Microphones, Mini DV Cameras, digital studio recorders, tripods and many more.

Click here for more information on eqipment loans.


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