Collaborative Media Lab a division of Information Technologies


The CML is designed specifically for Multimedia, Web Design and Graphic Design. The lab is restricted to the university's students and faculty for multimedia purposes.

CML Station Map

Logging In

You may use your UMS ID's to login, if you need to activate your ID, please do so here. If you do not have an activation code please call the help center at 581-2506.


Please talk to a consultant if you would like to reserve a station. Reservation limits are set for 3 hour increments, if you need more time please ask and will try to accomodate.

The CML will soon be offering online station reservations. Once active, login using your UMS ID and click the Station Reservations link.

Data Storage

The CML is not responsible for lost files. The CML allows temporary storage of folders that have been named and dated. Example: John_Doe 3-13-06. Folders older than 2 weeks are subject to deletion, but you may update the date to stay current. There are other ways to ensure you do not lose your files:

  1. Email your files to your First Class or other email account
  2. Burn to disk. All stations have CD/DVD burning capability

For larger files such as video and audio, the stations in the Audio Video room have additional drive space and external hard drives are available for project use. Please see a CML Consultant if you need more permanent storage for your project.


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