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Recommendations for Optimization of your New Lenovo System

UMaine recognizes that though all of Lenovo/IBM's ThinkVantage Utilities will run on your new system, some of them tend to be a bit resource intensive. If you find your new Lenovo is running slowly we recommend removing the following applications:

  • Access Connections
  • Client Security Solution
  • EasyEject Utility
  • Keyboard Customizer Utility
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Message Center
  • Presentation Center
  • Productivity Center
  • Rescue and Recovery - Optional removal. Data should be manually backed up if this utility is removed. For safety, you should manually back up your data anyway in case of complete hard drive failure.

More information

For more information regarding your Thinkpad and the utilities that come preloaded with your system please see your system documentation. If you are unable to configure your system yourself you may drop your system off with the IT Help Center in the basement of Shibles Hall. We will configure your system for you for a $10.00 fee. For more information you can call the IT Help Center at 581-2506.

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