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Welcome New Students!

The Department of Information Technology welcomes you to the University of Maine! As a community, we are committed to developing our students to master the full potential of information technology that will benefit them during their time at UMaine, as well as in future careers. This information is to assist you in making decisions regarding your individual technology needs and also to inform you of resources available from UMIT while at UMaine.

IT Support Services (ITSS) has over 230 computers in public labs, classrooms and clusters across campus; all student rooms have Internet access. Wireless access is available in most public locations, and some residence common areas. In general, student rooms are not currently configured for wireless access therefore you will need to have a standard wired Ethernet connection configured on your computer in addition to any optional wireless interface. Macintosh, Windows and Linux platforms are used and supported on campus.

We recommend you bring a computer with you to campus and this New Student Checklist could be helpful in making that decision. The question of laptop or desktop is an individual preference, unless you are subscribed to a major that requires a Mac laptop (Education, for example). The desktop is less fragile and less expensive, but the laptop offers portability and flexibility. If you choose to purchase a laptop, we advise that you purchase the optional manufacturers extended warranty and security tools to protect your system wherever you are. UMaine offers educational discounts for purchasing both Macintosh and Windows computers, as well as licensing and software, through the Computer Connection website and the store (located at Memorial Union).

All computers, old or new, must meet the minimum requirements listed below. If your older machine does not meet these minimum requirements, you may need to upgrade hardware and/or operating system in order for it to connect to the campus network.

Critical to the health of our campus network is the requirement for all computers to be current with all security updates and virus definitions. Without virus protection and security updates, your computer is at risk and is hazardous to others on the network. UMaine has a site license for Symantec’s Norton Antivirus, which will be available to you during Orientation or at the Help Center (17 Shibles Hall) and is free of charge. This tool allows you to maintain anti-virus configurations on your computers to minimize virus outbreaks.

We hope this information will help you to begin thinking about your computing needs as you enter UMaine.

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