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Repair your XP: Spybot Destroy

To begin, please go to Safer Networking's Spybot Search and Destroy download page by going here. Click on any of the "Download here" buttons. When prompted, choose to run the program.

The Spybot S&D installer should show pop up immediately. Click "next".

The following screen contains the licensing agreement. Choose "I Accept this agreement" and click "Next".

The program should prompt for a directory to install it to. Most users should simply click "Next".

The next screen contains a list of components to install. By default, only "Additional Languages" and "Skins" are selected. It is recommended that you select "Download Updates Immediately". Icon for Blind User Mode is up to personal preference. Click "Next".

On the next screen, click "Next".

The following screen provides several uptions. "User Internet Explorer protection" should be checked. The icons on the desktop and taskbar are option. Do NOT enable "System Settings protection (TeaTimer)"

On the next screen, click "Install".

If you chose to install the updates immediately, the following download prompt should appear if an Internet connection is present. This may take anywhere from a few minutes to a half an hour depending on Internet speeds.

Click "Finish" and let Spybot load.

The first time you run Spybot, a wizard will put up. Click the "Next" button on the wizard until you reach page 5. Click "Search for Updates Now".

If any updates are available, click "Download Available Downloads Now". It may take anywhere from a few minutes to a half an hour to download the available updates, depending on your Internet connection speed.

Click on the "Immunize" button on the right hand side.

A warning box will likely pop up. Press okay, then click the "Immunize" button circled in red below.

Click the "Search & Destroy" button on the left hand side.

Click the "Check for Problems" button.

The scan will start. On average the scan will take 15 minutes depending on computer speed and how many items the search finds.

Once the scan has completed, make sure all items are checked and click on the "Fix Selected Items" button. If Spybot asks to run the next time the system starts up, choose yes and restart.

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