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Repair your XP: Windows Update

To begin Windows Update, click on start, click on "All Programs" and click on "Windows Update".

Alternatively, if this does not work for you, open up Internet Explorer, click on "Tools", then on "Windows Update". (Please note that if you are using an older version of Internet Explorer, the "Tools" menu may be located at the very top of the IE window instead of on the toolbar.)

If prompted to install ActiveX controls, please do so by following the onscreen instructions. The Windows Update page should now load and bring you to the main page. Please click on "Get high-priority updates".

The Windows Update program will now scan your computer for updates. If Windows Update has not been run before, or has not been run in a long time, this process make take several minutes. Afterwards, a list of updates should appear. Click on the "Install Updates" button.

The updates should begin downloading and installing automatically.

If prompted to do so, please restart your computer and repeat the last 5 steps again once the computer has restarted. It is not uncommon to have to run Windows Updates 2 or 3 times to ensure all the updates have been installed.

Once there are no more new updates, you should recieve the following screen.

Windows has now been fully updated.

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