Accidental Damage Insurance

Description We will cover your new Macbook 13", Macbook Pro 15" or 17" or Macbook Air for three years of damage protection, protecting you from accidental damage and hardware failure.
Cost $239.00 for three years of accidental damage insurance.
Available To Faculty, Staff, Students and some University affiliates.
Benefits Apple certified repair technicians will repair your Apple laptop. Our shop is conveniently located on-campus. We warranty your system against both hardware failure and accidental damage for three years from date of purchase.
Key Features Fast turn around time for repairs. Peace of mind knowing regardless of cause, you are covered.
Requirements Purchase of the IT Repair Accidental Damage Insurance Plan from the Computer Connection store. Computer must have been purchased within 30 days of purchase of insurance policy and must be in current good working condition.
Getting Started See the Computer Connection for details on purchasing Accidental Damage Insurance. Call 581-2580.

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