Data Backup

Description The IT Help Center will back up your documents and pictures and can return them to you in a variety of ways: burned to a CD or DVD, transferred to your new machine or your own external storage device, or returned to your original machine. Due to legal issues with copyrighted material, music and video files cannot be backed up. Data backups are often done in conjunction with other work.
Cost $25.00
Available To Faculty, staff, and students.
Benefits A second copy of your important files is very handy in the case of software corruption, hardware failure, or accidental deletion.
Key Features Have a second copy of your important files.
Requirements You must bring the PC or Mac to the Help Center and sign it in. Thus you'll be without it for the time that it's in queue.
Getting Started Bring your PC or Mac down to the IT Help Center in 17 Shibles Hall and one of our staff will be happy to check it in.

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