Exam Scoring

Description The Faculty Development Center scans and scores all bubblesheet exams. Instructors will receive a detailed report, either as an excel workbook or a pdf, containing score reporting, individual responses, and detailed statistical analysis.
Cost No Charge for University of Maine Orono faculty and staff. Contact Lisa Henderson at 581-1313 if you are coming from another campus and wish to use the services.
Available To Faculty, Staff

- Fast and accurate score reporting.

- Detailed statistical analysis.

Getting Started Contact the Faculty Development Center for information on this service: 581-1925 (Faculty Development Center IT on Firstclass). Bring completed exams to Lisa Henderson in the FDC office, room 149 Memorial Union, or contact Lisa directly with questions about the scanning process: 581-1313 (FDC Testing Services on Firstclass).
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  • Scoring Services Request Form; instructors should use this form to request test reports and other scoring services.
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