OS Repair

Description Repair corrupt installations of OS's on Macs and PCs. Reinstall OS or make upgrades from an older OS (requires licensing information).
Cost $25.00/hr
Available To Current Students, Faculty and Staff
Benefits Quick turnaround time usually 2-4 days. Repair an existing operating system without having to format the hard drive.
Key Features

Backups included with reinstallation of OS

Repair or replace corrupt system files to get the computer working again.

Make suggestions for upgrading to improve performance.


PC Running XP, Vista or Windows 7

Apple running OS 10.5 or later

Getting Started

Laptop and power cord are required to be checked into the IT Help Center.

Desktops only require the tower

For upgrades licensing information is required

Bring your computer to the IT Help Center, 17 Shibles Hall. For more information call 207-581-2506.

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