Podcasting & Videocasting

Description Podcasting is a general term for delivering regular audio content over the internet. Videocasting, similarly, applies the same concept to video content. Whether you want to record audio lectures for an online course or produce instructional videos for online distribution, there are tools available to help you meet that end.
Cost No charge
Available To Faculty, Staff
Benefits There are a multitude of available tools for creating, editing and distributing your podcast or videocast. You can create anything, from a simple audio lecture to a highly produced video demonstration.
Key Features

- Distribute audio and video content through the internet.

- Many available tools to fit your technological aptitude and your desired result.

Getting Started

Contact the Faculty Development Center for Consultation, Workshops, and Digitizing (converting media to digital formats). See the Workshop section of the site for availability, or stop by for one-on-one Consultation.

Location: 149 Memorial Union.

Phone: 581-1925

Email: Faculty Development Center IT on Firstclass.

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