Description Both the Union Computer Cluster and the Collaborative Media Lab have scanners available for the use of members of the University of Maine community. Scanners are useful for making a digital copy of your documents and pictures.
Cost No Charge
Available To Faculty, staff, and students.
Benefits With a scanner you can make a digital copy of your data. This is useful because you can backup your important original documents and pictures as well as allowing you to share them with people around the world via e-mail or by posting them on the internet.
Key Features Create a backup of your important documents or pictures.
Requirements You must physically visit the Union Computer Cluster or Collaborative Media Lab.
Getting Started Visit the Union Computer Cluster or the Collaborative Media Lab (on the first floor of Fogler Library) and sign into a PC or Mac connected to a scanner. Scanning is generally do-it-yourself, but if you run into any problems there are staff members available to help during normal business hours.

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