Video & Audio Streaming


Make your video and audio content available online as streaming media - media that requires no installations or downloads, playing easily in a web browser.

Releasing your audio lectures, your video presentations or any other audio and video (songs, movies) is as simple as sending your students a link.

Cost No charge.
Available To Faculty, Staff

- Content is available from any computer with a web browser (so long as the user has the link)

- Getting your content onto the streaming server is simple, just bring it in to the Faculty Development Center.

- No download or install needed

Key Features

- Online digital audio and video distribution through the streaming server.

- See also Digitizing, Podcasting/Videocasting, Video Editing, Voice Recording and Editing, and iTunes U for related information.

Getting Started Contact the Faculty Development Center IT for more information or to arrange to have your media converted into streaming content: 581-1925 (Faculty Development Center IT on Firstclass).

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