Description Synapse is an online Learning Content Management System (LCMS). It is a highly modular based system that is robust, visually stunning and intuitive. Synapse can be used for full online courses, or for supplementing a live course with content, collaborative exercises and assessments.
Cost Faculty/Administers pleases inquire: See contact info under the Getting Started section
Available To Faculty, Students, Tutors, Coaches, and Organizations.

- Robust: All the features to teach a course online.

- Media-rich learning environment.

- Developed at the University of Maine

o Custom module development based on instructor needs

o Support UMaine by using Synapse

- Accreditation Tools

Key Features

- Powerful online Learning Content Management System

- Online gradebook and evaluations

o Media Rich Questions/Answers

o Essay, Short Answer, Multiple Choice Questions.

o Self-Testing with Feedback.

- Integrated Communication/Collaboration tool

- Powerful Asset Management System

o Online storage of content.

o Movies, audio, images, presentations, Web sites, YouTube, zip files, Knowledge Presenter, Flash animations,

o Integration of YouTube

o Smart folders with integrated metadata

- Statistical reports

- Degree progress report tool

- Strong permissions engine, allowing customization to different users types, such as tutors, advisers, coaches, etc.

Getting Started

Faculty should contact the BioMediaLab with any questions about setting up or managing a course. Phone: 581-4532. Email Synapse Support on FirstClass.

Students with questions about accessing Synapse should contact the BioMediaLab Help Center Phone: 581-4532. Email: Synapse Support on FirstClass.

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