Video Conferencing

Description Portable Polycom HDX 6000 systems with 40" displays are available for academic use in in specific classrooms in Neville Hall, Little Hall, Nutting Hall, Dunn Hall, and Boardman Hall. Additional portable systems are available for faculty and staff use.

No charge to UMS-affiliated entities.

Available for a fee at UM events sponsored by Conference Services.

Available To

Any UMS-affiliated organization, faculty, staff, and students.

Organizations holding on-campus events hosted by Conference Services can reserve the systems through Conference Services for a fee.


Join class sessions at multiple locations.

Save time and travel expenses.

Bring guest lecturers and others into your classroom.

Expand academic programs throughout the University of Maine System.

Key Features

Portable, cart-based mobile systems.

High definition video.

High quality audio.

Connect to any system that supports SIP or H.323 protocols.


Network connection.

Compatible system at other location(s).

IP Address of system to be called.

Getting Started Call IT/Telecom at 581-1609 or 581-1610.

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