Video Editing

Description Information Technologies can help you record and prepare your video content for release with ready access to equipment and software.
Cost No charge.
Available To Students, Faculty and Staff

- All necessary equipment and software is available for use on campus.

- Simple and effective tools for a variety of editing goals.

Key Features See Podcasting/Videocasting, Digitizing Videos, Audio and Video Streaming, Voice Recording and Editing, and iTunes U for related information.
Getting Started

Audio Visual Services provides cameras, microphones and other equipment for campus use. Contact them at 581-2500 for more information or to reserve equipment.

The Faculty Development Center provides help editing and digitizing video content for Faculty and Staff. For more information or to arrange for services call 581-1925 (or email Faculty Development Center IT on Firstclass).

The Collaborative Media Lab has a number of powerful media workstations available for students, faculty and staff. For more information call 581-4641 (or email CML on Firstclass).

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