Virus Cleaning

Description The IT Help Center offers virus cleanings to remove any viruses infected on user's machines.
Cost One free virus cleaning per academic year. Subsequent cleanings are $25/hr.
Available To Current Faculty, Staff, and Students
Benefits Quick turnaround time usually 2-4 days. Clean a computer free of charge once per academic year.
Key Features

Remove viruses from user's computer.

Install all OS updates

Install free antivirus available through the university.

Improve your computer's performance


PC Running XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Apple running OS 10.5 or later.

Getting Started

Laptop and power cord are required to be checked into the IT Help Center.

Desktops only require the tower

Bring equipment to 17 Shibles Hall. For more information contact the IT Help Center at 207-581-2506.

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