Description Several models of digital telephones, analog telephones, and analog circuits are available for installation on campus.
Cost Faculty, staff, and students.
Available To

$15.00 per month telephone system port charge.

$3.00, $5.00, or $7.00 per month telephone lease fee.

Very reasonable long distance rates.

Free voice mail.


A unique '581' telephone number at UM or a unique '262' telephone number at UCB.

Unlimited on-campus and local calling.

Free calls to UCB, UMA, USM, and other UMS locations.

Key Features

Five-digit-dial access to 6,700 telephones served by the University of Maine's telephone system.

Direct Inward Dial extensions.

Free CallPilot voice mail.

Requirements Valid Chartfield or C & I account.
Getting Started

Submit an online work order at: http://www.umaine.edu/it/forms/workorder.php

Contact IT/Telecom at 581-1605 for more information.

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