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You will need your so called EmplID (sometimes called PeopleSoft ID) on many occasions while at the University. You should remember it the same way as you memorize your Social Security number. EmplD is replacing the use of SS# on campus.

Here is how to find your EmplID:

1. Login to your MaineStreet account: https://peportal.maine.edu/psp/PAPRD89/EMPLOYEE/EMPL/h/?tab=PAPP_GUEST

(If you don't know your UserID and/or pasword, please call IT HElp Center, 581-2506)

2. Once you log in,look at the left menu and click:

a/ Student Self-service >>>

b/ Student Center >>>

c/ Under the third category down from the top, Personal Information, click on Demographic Data link.  Your ID will be at the very top.

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