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Wolfram Education Group is pleased to announce its newest free online seminar, "S25: Image Processing with Mathematica":

This seminar provides an overview of the new, fully integrated image processing features of Mathematica 7. A broad range of topics are covered, accompanied by fun, task-oriented, interactive examples.

Wolfram Education Group seminars are delivered live over the internet. Use any one of the supported web browsers on your computer with Flash Player installed. Once you have registered for a session, you will receive a confirmation email with a seminar login link.

Here is a list of upcoming free online seminars. Note that the schedule is in U.S. Eastern Standard Time, for example, New York (GMT -5). Please adjust accordingly for your own time zone.

S16: College Calculus with Mathematica
Tuesday, February 3, 6pm EST
Wednesday, February 18, 10am EST

S25: Image Processing with Mathematica
Wednesday, February 4, 10am EST
Monday, February 9, 6pm EST

S21: Working with Data Collections
Wednesday, February 4, 12pm EST

S01: An Overview of Mathematica for Education
Thursday, February 5, 11am EST
Wednesday, February 11, 5pm EST
Thursday, February 12, 11am EST
Tuesday, February 17, 8pm EST

S10: A Brief Overview of Mathematica
Thursday, February 5, 6pm EST
Friday, February 13, 12pm EST

S18: Import and Export Data Formats in Mathematica
Friday, February 6, 10am EST

S11: What's New in Mathematica 7
Friday, February 6, 12pm EST
Thursday, February 12, 4pm EST
Monday, February 16, 10am EST

S27: Got Manipulate?
Monday, February 9, 10am EST

S14: Creating Demonstrations
Tuesday, February 10, 6pm EST

S17: Applied Parallel Computation with Mathematica
Friday, February 13, 10am EST

Our seminars are free but attendance for each session is limited.
To register, please visit:


Jamie Peterson
Wolfram Education Group


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