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i>Clicker is a classroom response system based on 5 response choices (A-E).

Top Hat

Top Hat is a classroom response system allowing students to use any device (cell phone, smartphone, laptop, tablet) as an input method.


  • Easy setup and question creation
  • 1 year battery life (2 or 3 AA batteries depending on model)
  • Not distracting for students
  • Very simple and problem free for both students and faculty
  • Easily create questions on the fly


  • Mulitple question types including text response
  • Advanced response analysis including heat maps, image maps, and word clouds for text responses
  • Students use any device for input including laptop, cell phone, smartphone, tablet.
  • Does not need any additional equipment in the room: works from a web browser, available anywhere.
  • Cons

  • Only allows multiple choice questions
  • Students more frequently forget to bring their clicker to class than their personal electronics
  • Simplistic analysis of results
  • Requires equipping the room with a receiver prior to be used.
  • Cons

  • Cumbersome setup for faculty
  • Steeper learning curve for students
  • If student's personal device has no battery life, student receives no credit for attendance or in-class tests (average battery life being < 24 hours)
  • Price to Students

    $36 for a new device, $27 for a used one; no subscription fees. i>Clicker can be returned back to the bookstore at any time for $18.75.

    Free for instructors/institution

    Price to Students

    Subscription fee: $20 for one semester, $30 - one year, $38 for 5 years.

    Free for instructors/institution

    Blackboard Integration

    Simple initial setup which allows for easily uploading and updating multiple columns with only a few mouse clicks. Blackboard will hold a column for every session ensuring that students are up to date with all of their grades.

    Blackboard Integration

    Grades can be exported and imported into Blackboard with a few intermediate steps.

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