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What makes a good password? How do I change my password? What do I do if I lost a password? Find answers to all of these and more with our password tutorials.
Want to connect to your FirstClass or maine.edu accounts via your local mail client, or set up spam filters? Check up on our Email tutorials to figure out how.
Course Tools
Learn how to use BlackBoard and other tools to help you be a more efficient instructor.
Our Web-design section has tutorials on a number of authoring tools, as well as information on how to obtain webspace. Not to mention those laws that you'll have to keep in mind.
Mulitmedia Creation
Photoshop, Illustator, iMovie: these are just a few of the tutorials we have. Learn how to create rich media content today.
Office Utilities
Learn all kinds of tips and tricks in our office tutorials. "I never knew a spreadsheet could do that?!?!"
Operating Systems
Learn how to keep your computer up to date and able to meet your needs.

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