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Maine Straw Directory

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Buyers:  The Directory is organized by county, then town. Information for Maine is followed by other states, then Canada.

Current Sellers:  Please notify us of changes or when your supply is all out or spoken for, email

Place a new listing:  Complete the Straw Directory Form.

Need Hay? Visit the Maine Hay Directory.

Listed alphabetically by County, then Town
County Updated Forage Package & Amounts Contact Information
Aroostook January 2015 Sold Out
Jake Dyer
Benedicta Grain Co.
873 Benedicta Rd
Benedicta, ME 04733
207.745.6181 Jake
Aroostook Straw delivery possible, depending upon location. Bradstreet Family Farm
Wayne Bradstreet
667 Main Rd
Bridgewater, ME 04735
Aroostook September 2010 Straw available Peter Voisine
PO Box 111
Fort Kent Mills, ME 04744
Aroostook August 2013 Small rectangle bales of straw. May deliver if location is nearby. Please call for current price. Hemphill Farms, Inc
Garrett Hemphill
49 Egypt Road
Presque Isle, ME 04769
207.764.5727 or 207.227.2988
Aroostook January 2015 Small and large Straw bales and mulch hay. Quality horse hay available
also. Sold by the ton. Call for pricing and information.  Delivery
available within Maine and New England states.
Laplante Farms
Pierre LaPlante
1303 Hamlin Rd
Van Buren, ME 04785
207.868.2744 or 207.551.4400
Kennebec January 2015 $4.65 per bale oat and rye straw. Free delivery for trailer loads of 600 bales in the state of Maine. Email me or call for deliveries less than trailer loads and for out of state deliveries. Bragdon Farm
Peter Bragdon
50 Hannaford Hill Rd
Vassalboro, ME 04989
Kennebec January 2015 Oat Straw 40″ bales $8 per bale at barn – 40 bales left Moulton Farms
William Moulton
123 Moulton Rd
Pittston, ME 04345
Oxford October 2012 Sold Out Thurston Farms
Wayne Thurston
45 Mineral Springs Rd
Peru, ME 04290
Penobscot February 2015 Small square bales available at $6.50 per bale. Round and big square bales are also available; price upon request. Three Moons Farm
Gary Mullen
PO Box 8199
Bangor, ME 04402
Somerset September 2013 Oat straw
Extra cost for delivery
Limited amounts, call for availability.
Beem Farm
Gary Beem
151 Oxbow Rd
Palmyra, ME 04965
Waldo  September 2014 We have Oat Straw for sale in normal “small” square bales, round bales and 3x3x7 big squares. We specialize in trailer truck loads to any location in New England. We also have oats and hay for sale. 3D Farm Products
Marshall Daly
9 Old County Rd
Knox, ME 04986
Washington December 2014 Sold out at this time Chandler River Farm
Jerry Herger
433 Station Rd
Jonesboro, ME 04648
207.263.8458 cell
Washington January 2014 Straw available Harmon Farm
John Harmon
733 Main St
Princeton, ME 04668
Manitoba April 2013 2,000+ small square wheat straw bales.  Delivery may be available. Contact for more information and pricing. Spruce Hill Farms
John Driedger
R.R. 3, Box 334
Morden, MB R6M 2A2
New Brunswick January 2011 35 lb. squares of straw, 3x3x7 squares of straw
Also available are construction hay and blueberry straw.
Delivery is available.
Neil Hallett & Sons
Neil Hallett
9 Johnston Rd
Lansdowne, NB E7L 4K3
New Brunswick January 2014 We welcome Daniel who recently purchased Larry and Marilyn Kennedy’s Farm!Straw – square bales, 35 lbs.
4X4 round bales straw, 500 lbs.
460 square bales per load
34 round bales per load
Delivery is available.
Daniel Alexander Ltd
2681 Route 540
Elmwood, NB E7N 2E5
Quebec September 2014 Wood shavings and straw in plastic bag 3.25 cubic feet, 40 lbs; and timothy hay all the time
For a delivery price please give me your zip code.
Heritage Export Plus
Steve Roy
970 Chapman
Ancienne Lorette, QB G2E5Y3

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