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The Maine Outing Club


The Cabin

The Maine Outing Club owns and maintains a two story, rustic bunkhouse located a quarter of a mile from the Sugarloaf/USA access road. The cabin, which was built by members in 1958, contains wood and gas stoves, gas lamps and 40 bunk beds for members and their guests. The cabin is available for members to use at any time, all year long as a base camp for hiking, canoeing, and skiing trips.

During the Fall semester, the club has its annual cabin work trip on which wood for the coming winter is collected and any needed cabin maintenance is performed. At the end of the day there is a turkey feast that is unforgettable. Members unable to attend the work trip are asked to pay an additional $40, if they wish to use the cabin, to help cover the cabin's expenses.

The cabin is truly rustic; water is drawn from a well and there is no electricity. There is, however, plenty of propane for cooking and to read by. After a long day, when your bones are tired and your muscles ache, there is nothing better then to relax in the steaming hot sauna.

There are always good times to be had at night in the cabin. When you get tired and need some rest for the next day's adventure, just climb up into either the cold or warm side of the second floor, hop into your sleeping bag and snuggle up with one of our furry squirrelly friends.

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