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Critical Information Regarding Student E-Mail

The University of Maine System has designated MaineStreet email as the email account of record for all students, including those at UMaine. Among other benefits, this will improve information security, assure consistency and simplify communications with students who are enrolled for classes at more than one system university.

All official correspondence between the university and its students will be addressed to the student’s MaineStreet email account (e.g. UMaine will continue to use FirstClass for many forms of internal correspondence, so it will be critical for all students to have regular access to both accounts. The simplest way to accomplish this is to forward MaineStreet email to FirstClass.

You may either check or forward your MaineStreet email by visiting To forward your email to either FirstClass or another email account of your choice, select the option: “change the destination of email sent to your address.”

More details about how accomplish this are at

UMaine is also making some changes in its FirstClass activation process, to help streamline communications for prospective and new students.

When a student applies to UMaine, he or she will be asked to activate his or her MaineStreet account, creating access to official University of Maine System email and creating a way for the appropriate UMaine offices to establish communications.

When a student confirms enrollment at UMaine, he or she will be invited to activate a FirstClass account, with the recommended option of forwarding the MaineStreet email to FirstClass.

These measures will have the added benefit of diminishing the load on the FirstClass system because only enrolled UMaine students will

be using it. Similarly, fewer registered users will reduce the university’s licensing costs, leading to critical savings in a difficult budget environment.