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Alumni & Friends Directory

If you are an alumna or alumnus of the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences (SMS) or have any other association less formal than being a current member of the School, we would like your name and information listed in our alumni  & friends directory. Umaine students with marine interests who graduated before the SMS was formed in 1996 are especially welcomed to add their names to this list. Please add your information here.  The form has a pull-down for your category of affiliation and your year of association.  If no degree was involved, we encourage you to list the most recent year of your period of closest affiliation so that those who were there then can most easily find you.  If you don't find a pull-down menu for either the appropriate year or the category of your affiliation, please drop an e-mail to Pete Jumars, who can easily add them.  Feel free to be creative.

Several successive years of essentially flat federal funding for research are holding back the dreams of aspiring marine scientists and marine environmental managers.  It is hardest of all to find funds to recruit and support graduate students during their first year of study, before they can be justified on grants and contracts. We appreciate your moral support in any case, but if you are able, please help enlarge the pool of funds that our faculty already contribute to the School of Marine Sciences because they feel these needs personally and passionately.  You can contribute directly on the UMaine website and indicate that the purpose of the gift is toward "SMS graduate recruiting assistantships." Unrestricted gifts to the School of Marine Sciences or gifts for some special purpose that you hold most dear (e.g., "SMS undergraduate scholarship assistance") from your association with SMS are also welcome.  Please be assured that there will be no mass e-mail or snail-mail solicitations from us through your self-listing on this site.

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