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recent trip to India for the meeting on Recent Advances in

March 1, 2010


 Papers delivered by SMS grad students, Charlene Bergeron and Mahima

Jaini were very well received. In fact, Charlene's received the Best

Student Paper award. Our travel and participation in the 5-day

conference was supported by the Indo-US Science and Technology

Forum. We were the only US deligates in a field from India,

Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Spain, Norway,

Israel, Mexico, Canada. Time will tell, but the conference looks to

have opened new doors for...

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Could carbon credit schemes save the whale?

March 1, 2010


It's likely that commercial whaling has released around one hundred million tons of carbon to the atmosphere over a century or so. That's according to researcher Andrew Pershing, who believes that carbon credit schemes could be employed as an incentive to protect whales and large fish such as bluefin tuna.



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Discovery News Reports on Pershing Research

March 1, 2010



Discovery News on Friday carried an article on its Web site about UMaine School of Marine Sciences faculty member and researcher Andrew Pershing, who has calculated the amount of carbon stored in the bodies of whales can be compared to forest fires in terms of carbon released to the atmosphere when whales are caught and killed by whale hunters.

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UMaine Scientist Outlines Whales' Carbon Storage Capacity

March 1, 2010



Comments by UMaine School of Marine Science researcher and faculty member Andrew Pershing about the carbon-storage capacity of whales were reported by the BBC News today.

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Student Wins Best Paper Award at Research Conference

February 15, 2010


UMaine School of Marine Sciences graduate student Charlene Bergeronrecently won the Best Student Paper award for a presentation "Modelinggrowth without age markers in a variable environment: Integratingsize-frequency and tag-based methods in the American lobster." She wasrecognized for this work at the International Conference on RecentAdvances in Lobster Biology and Management Jan. 4-8 in Chennai, India. Marine Sciences graduate student Mahima Jaini also attended theconference and...

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January 4, 2010


University of Maine marine sciences Professor Susan Brawley has been elected as the vice-president/president-elect of the Phycological Society of America for 2010. She will serve as president of the society in 2011. The society was founded in 1946 to promote research and teaching in all fields of the biology of algae. The society publishes the Journal of Phycology, of which Brawley served as editor from 1996-2001, and the Phycological Newsletter. A news release has more information at ...

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January 4, 2010


UMaine marine sciences professor Robert Steneck was interviewed for a Maine Public Radio news broadcast (

Tuesday evening about an invasive seaweed, Codium, that is becoming more prevalent in Gulf of Maine waters.






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December 3, 2009


An article ([ ] in Tuesday's edition of ScienceNOW Daily News, an online affiliate of Science magazine, about how acidification of the world's oceans may actually benefit some forms of marine life, includes an interview with UMaine marine biologist Robert Steneck from the School of Marine Resources.

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Acidification takes growing toll on ocean life

November 25, 2009

Marine scientists in Maine and elsewhere say it threatens to do more harm than global warming.
By JOHN RICHARDSON, Staff Writer November 24, 2009 

Saint Joseph's College professor Mark Green has seen it dissolve clamshells in Casco Bay.

University of Maine professor Robert Steneck has seen coral reefs weakened by it in the Pacific Ocean.

And William Balch, a researcher at Bigelow Laboratory in Boothbay Harbor, is studying its effects on plankton from the Patagonian Shelf to the Gulf of...

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October 23, 2009


BOOTHBAY HARBOR, ME: Ocean Classroom Foundation (OCF) today announced a partnership with the University of Maine, Orono, whereby the University will provide academic credit for SEAmester, a full semester at sea for college students aboard a unique educational platform: a 19th century-style schooner. SEAmester is an open enrollment program of the Ocean Classroom Foundation, a leader in experiential education at sea. Seamester tuition is comparable to that of a traditional campus semesters.


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