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Fathoming: Ancient Fish, Modern Methods

September 9, 2010

by Dr. Heather Deese and Catherine Schmitt


NOAA Fisheries staff collecting receiver data from Penobscot Bay 

Through the static comes a faint, metallicping! Getting louder now, It is the sound of a shortnose sturgeon, a dinosaur of a fish that is roaming the murky bottom of the Penobscot River Estuary, a species all but forgotten by most people in the area until documentation a few years ago by University of Maine fisheries biologists.

Like warblers and...

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Whaling and Fishing for the Largest Species has Altered Carbon Sequestering

September 7, 2010

September 3rd, 2010

Contact: Andrew Pershing, Research Scientist, 207-228-1656; Ron Lisnet, 207-581-3779

Decades of whaling and fishing for the largest species have altered the ability of oceans to store and sequester carbon, according to a team of marine researchers from the University of Maine, the University of British Columbia and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI).

An individual whale contains a huge amount of carbon, an amount only exceeded by the largest...

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Dagher, Pettigrew Interviewed for Offshore Wind-Energy Article

August 16, 2010


LEWISTON — Maine's effort to become a world leader in deep-water, offshore wind power took one of its bigger steps forward in July.

A University of Maine task force is in the process of reviewing pre-qualification questionnaires from 11 engineering and design firms from around the world.

By the end of the summer, one or two will be chosen to pit their designs and working prototypes of scaled-down windmills against each other in a series of tests meant to weed out the weaker designs and...

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Researchers give attention to worthy claws

July 15, 2010

In-depth studies of Maine lobsters aim to ensure the future of the state's most lucrative fishery.

By Beth Quimby
Staff Writer


When it is time to reproduce, the male lobster acts more like the male bowerbird than a crustacean.


click image to enlarge

Diane Cowan, executive director of the Lobster Conservancy, inspects a lobster at the lobster pound at the Lobster Conservancy on Friendship Long Island.

Tim Greenway/Staff Photographer

click image to enlarge


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What's the Catch?

June 21, 2010


Dave Marciano first started working on commercial fishing boats when he was ten. Unlike many from his hometown in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Marciano didn't have deep generational ties to the sea. His father sold insurance. He nevertheless saved up the money to buy his first boat in 1993 — the Angelica Joseph, an 11-metre, Maine-built lobster rig.

But in May, things changed dramatically for Marciano, 45, when regional fisheries managers instituted a new...

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Potential for DeepWater Horizon spill oil to impact New England coastal waters

June 21, 2010


The Northeast Regional Association of Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS) has released an analysis of the potential for the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster to reach New England waters.  An impact is not impossible, but a major impact from this source is unlikely.

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Maine monitoring gulf oil spill Experts believe crude unlikely to hit state

May 19, 2010


Scientists and state officials are watching closely as crews try to stop the gusher that is leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico and trying to assess whether any oil from the spill could reach Maine’s coastline.

“Obviously, there’s concern,” said George LaPointe, Maine commissioner for marine resources. “It’s a huge spill, and it’s ongoing. But we’re less at risk than other places.”

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection also is monitoring the...

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Canoeist did not capsize, but suffered stroke

May 7, 2010


BLUE HILL, Maine — A local man who encountered trouble while retrieving a canoe in Blue Hill Bay last month is recuperating at home after spending a week in the hospital.

Neal Pettigrew, 60, of Blue Hill suffered a stroke while attempting to retrieve a canoe that had drifted from shore the morning of Sunday, April 11, but nonetheless was able to make his way to Long Island, where a rescue team reached him.

An initial report indicating...

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SMS Undergraduate Capstone Seminar and Awards Recognition Reception

April 7, 2010


You're Invited to Attend

Our SMS Senior Undergraduate Capstone Seminar


Awards Recognition Reception


Tuesday, April 27 2010

Capstone Seminar  -  1:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Undergraduate Recognition Reception  -  4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

57 Stoddard Hall


Light refreshments will be served

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Jumars Comments in Algae-to-Biofuel Article

March 18, 2010


Peter Jumars, director of UMaine's School of Marine Sciences, was interviewed for a Portland Press Herald article on research at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences to use phytoplankton as a potential biofuel.

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