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International Coral Reef Society Graduate Fellowship Award

July 14, 2008


At a recent symposium of the International Coral Reef Society Symposium in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida it was announced to a group of 3000 attendees that Suzie Arnold, a Ph.D. candidate in Marine Biology, received one of their Graduate Fellowships.  This a highly competitve award where Suzie was one of 6 to receive from a global pool of applicants.   Kudos to Suzie!

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Andrew Thomas in Red Tide Story

July 7, 2008


Comments from Prof. Andrew Thomas of the UMaine School of Marine Sciences are included in a Monday Bangor Daily News story ( about red tide, which is expected to be a significant problem along the Maine coast this summer.

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June 16, 2008


Wednesday's Bangor Daily News includes an editorial the current state of Maine's aquaculture industry. The editorial includes references to UMaine's Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research in Franklin and the work of UMaine Prof. Ian Bricknell's leadership role in UMaine's aquaculture education and research activities.



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Distinguished Service Award

June 11, 2008


Peter A. Jumars

Darling Marine Center, University of Maine, Walpole, ME USA


Service is generally viewed as a sacrifice on the part of the server. Two functions have endured in scientific societies from the outset: meeting of people with common interests and publishing of peer-reviewed research results. Even these core society functions have ample room for service that empowers the server as well as the society. As I can...

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June 6, 2008


The Science Daily Web site features a story ( about a new report that includes Prof. Bob Steneck from UMaine's School of Marine Sciences as one of its authors. Steneck and other scientists developed a United Nations University report, presented Wednesday at UN headquarters in New York, calling for significant changes in coastal management practices. The scientists warn of potential "disaster" potentially affecting coastal marine...

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UMaine Oceanography Student Awarded NASA Fellowship

May 30, 2008


Margaret Estapa, a doctoral student in oceanography at the University of Maine’s School of Marine Sciences, was recently awarded a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship.

The fellowship, available to to master’s or doctoral students in Earth science, heliophysics, planetary science and astrophysics, is awarded on the merits of research involving data collected by space-based instruments, ground-based data, laboratory experiments and theoretical modeling.

The $30,000 grant, which is...

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Follow the North Atlantic spring bloom in 4D

April 24, 2008


Mary Jane Perry is Chief Scientist on the R/V Knorr, carrying a full complement of scientists to take advantage of multiple floats and gliders working under and around them to resolve the spatial and temporal structure of a classic North Atlantic spring bloom off the coast of Iceland.  Check out the near real-time visualizations hosted by her colleagues at the University of Washington.

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SMS Master Candidate Wins Third Place

April 23, 2008


SMS Masters candidate, Jennifer Meyers, won 3rd place for her oral presentation in this years 2008 Graduate Expo!


GRAD EXPO WINNERS ANNOUNCED The University of Maine’s Graduate Student Government and Graduate School recently announced the award recipients for oral, poster and multimedia presentations at the 2008 Graduate Research Exposition. The annual expo,

which was held April 15 and 16 at UMaine’s Buchanan Alumni House, is designed to showcase and reward academic excellence...

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Seventh Annual Geddes W. Simpson Lecture

April 11, 2008


The Geddes W. Simpson Lecture Series Award was established in 2001 in the University of Maine Foundation by family and friends to honor Professor Simpson, a distinguished researcher and teacher at the University of Maine.  The award provides a monetary purse, which is given to a distinguished individual who has provide significant insight into the area where science and history intersect.  This year's distinguished lecturer is Robert S. Steneck, professor of oceanography, marine biology,...

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Bob Steneck Gets More Good Press over More Bad News for the Oceans

February 26, 2008


In December, Bob Steneck was published in Science over the likely impacts of global warming and ocean acidification on coral reefs.  This month he was published again in Science (again with an impressive array of colleagues) in a study that maps the extent of degradation of the global ocean from seventeen different kinds of human impacts.  A stunning four percent of ocean remains pristine.  Before you rejoice in that four percent, be warned that much of it is polar and at imminent risk....

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