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Seventh Annual Geddes W. Simpson Lecture

April 11, 2008


The Geddes W. Simpson Lecture Series Award was established in 2001 in the University of Maine Foundation by family and friends to honor Professor Simpson, a distinguished researcher and teacher at the University of Maine.  The award provides a monetary purse, which is given to a distinguished individual who has provide significant insight into the area where science and history intersect.  This year's distinguished lecturer is Robert S. Steneck, professor of oceanography, marine biology,...

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Bob Steneck Gets More Good Press over More Bad News for the Oceans

February 26, 2008


In December, Bob Steneck was published in Science over the likely impacts of global warming and ocean acidification on coral reefs.  This month he was published again in Science (again with an impressive array of colleagues) in a study that maps the extent of degradation of the global ocean from seventeen different kinds of human impacts.  A stunning four percent of ocean remains pristine.  Before you rejoice in that four percent, be warned that much of it is polar and at imminent risk....

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Colleagues Reveal Surprises in Sea Anemone Genome

February 7, 2008



A team of international researchers, one of them a University of Maine professor, has discovered in a primitive starlet sea anemone the genes for a biochemical pathway that scientists had thought did not exist in animals. Malcolm Shick, a professor of oceanography and zoology at the UMaine School of Marine Sciences, and six colleagues, including Walt Dunlap, a former UMaine Visiting Libra Professor now at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, published their findings recently in...

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Carbon Credits for Ocean Fertilization are Premature

January 12, 2008


Fei Chai is one of several authors of a forum piece in Science  explaining why it is premature to give or sell carbon credits for ocean fertilization.  The idea of those proposing to gain such credits is that the carbon pump can be accelerated by adding inorganic nutrients, including iron.  The efficiency with which such additions remove carbon from contact with the atmosphere and the duration during which the removed carbon stays out of contact with the atmosphere are both poorly known....

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Bob Steneck appears in both Science and USA Today

December 13, 2007


Ocean acidification is an already confirmed consequence of carbon dioxide emissions and a consequence of dissolution of some of the excess carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning.  This stressor adds to the dangers of global warming from those same and other greenhouse gas emissions.  See what Bob and USA Today have to say.

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State Research and Development Bond Planning

October 22, 2007

Save the Date:  8 November 2007; 0900 - 1600 hours, Hutchinson Center, Belfast, Maine

The Maine Marine Research Coalition (of which SMS is a member) will sponsor a one-day event to coordinate planning of marine science and technology proposals among institutions and businesses for the anticipated bond competitions in 2008 and 2009.  Featured will be a briefing on selection processes and criteria by Catherine S. Renault, Director of the Office of Innovation and member of the...

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Kornfield & Coladarci rate RateMyProfessors

October 4, 2007

The American Psychological Association publication "Monitor on Psychology" has published a report on research by UMaine professors Irv Kornfield and Ted Coladarci. That research, itself published in "Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation," determined that university teacher evaluations correlate quite closely with anonymous ratings posted on Web sites like RateMyProfessors (

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Laurie Connell Receives Marine Biotechnology Award

July 16, 2007


Professor Laurie Connell and her research team were recently recognized by the Pan American Marine Biotechnology Association (PAMBA) for their groundbreaking work involving the relative resistance of clams to the toxin associated with red tide.

Connell and fellow researchers V.M. Bricelj, K. Konoki, S. P. MacQuarrie, T. Scheuer, W. A. Catterall and V. L. Trainer recieved PAMBA's first annual Marine Biotechnology Award of Excellence Prize for their paper, " Sodium channel mutation responsible...

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Climate Change Paper Published in Science

May 17, 2007


In a paper published in a recent issue of the journal Science, Andrew Pershing, of the UMaine School of Marine Sciences and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, and Charles Greene, of Cornell University’s Ocean Resources and Ecosystems Program, state that significant changes in the marine ecosystems of the Northwest Atlantic are the result of a significant increase in meltwater entering the ocean due to climate change.

Pershing and Greene suggest that the increase in low-salinity water...

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Doctoral Student Explores Sea Vegetable Aquaculture

May 5, 2007


Nic Blouin, a doctoral student in UMaine’s School of Marine Sciences, is pursuing a ground-breaking research project focused on the reproductive biology of the red alga Porphyra umbilicalis – also known as nori to the sea vegetable gourmand. Working with UMaine marine science professor Susan Brawley, Blouin is taking a multifaceted approach to nori research, combining cutting-edge laboratory research with hands-on field trials that he hopes will jump-start a new economic engine in Maine:...

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