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Changing ecosystem concerns fishermen

March 18, 2013

Changing ecosystem concerns fishermen They're not alone: As Gulf of Maine waters become warmer and more acidic, scientists too worry about the implications for the region's fisheries.

By North Cairn
Staff Writer

Humans are dumping so much carbon dioxide into the oceans so fast that seawater -- even in the Gulf of Maine -- is getting warmer and more acidic, according to marine and climate researchers.

click image to enlarge

Jeff Runge, professor of oceanography in...

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Monitoring the Global Carbon Cycle

March 18, 2013


Monitoring the Global Carbon Cycle

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has awarded a University of Maine marine researcher up to $957,871 to improve ways to detect and track changes in the oceanic carbon pool, subsequently allowing scientists to better understand its role in oceanic ecosystems and the removal of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Ivona Cetinić, a research associate in the School of Marine Sciences and the Darling Marine Center in Walpole, Maine, is leading a...

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Student Success Stories - Keri Feehan

March 8, 2013


Student Success Stories - Keri Feehan


Keri Feehan is a native of Lunenburg, Mass., who will graduate from UMaine in May 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in marine sciences, with a concentration in marine biology. She also has been active with the University of Maine Hip Hop Dance and the Darling Marine Center Scuba clubs.

Why did you choose UMaine?
I chose UMaine for its highly reputable marine sciences program. I was really impressed with the program and its student-to-professor ratios....

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UMaine researcher to appear in National Geographic magazine

February 19, 2013



By Alex Barber, BDN Staff
Feb. 18, 2013, Posted  6:05 p.m.  at 

Courtesy of Rhian Waller
Rhian Waller, an assistant research professor with the University of Maine, prepares to dive in the Southeastern Alaskan fjords in March 2011.

Courtesy of Rhian Waller
Rhian Waller collects deepwater emerged corals from 100 feet below the water's surface in the Patagonian fjords in Augusta 2012.

WALPOLE, Maine — Rhian Waller’s job as a deep sea researcher and diver has taken her from the Arctic...

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Julia Knowles Selected to Participate in Marine Resources Population Dynamics Workshop

February 12, 2013

Julia Knowles, an SMS undergraduate, was selected to attend the Marine Resources Population Dynamics workshop, sponsored by NMFS and the University of Florida. More info here: The  workshop will be focusing on fisheries sustainability (focusing on bluefin tuna, swordfish and vermillion snapper) and endangered species recovery (with loggerhead sea turtles as a case study).    

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A Photo Opportunity

February 11, 2013



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Climate change causing Rapid Wildlife Shifts

February 7, 2013


Report: Climate Change Causing Rapid Wildlife Shifts 02/05/2013  Susan Sharon Reported By:    

A new report from the National Wildlife Federation and the Natural Resources Council of Maine finds that climate change is causing species and habitats to shift faster than scientists anticipated. The report comes on the heels of President Obama's inaugural address targeting climate change as a priority. As Susan Sharon reports, the groups are hoping their findings will help spur action.

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Caribbean-wide decline in carbonate production threatens coral reef growth

February 4, 2013

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