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The Search for Answers to Young Lobster Decline

April 29, 2014


The Search for Answers to Young Lobster Decline  Written by    29 April, 2014

STATEWIDE -  For the past three years lobster men have brought in record hauls to Maine's industry. Now a decline in the settling of baby lobsters looks to cap the end of these recent high catches.

"We don't have a crystal ball yet by any means," Richard Wahle, a faculty researcher at...

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Agreement reached on deep sea mining

April 28, 2014



Agreement reached on deep sea mining

The project will extract ores of copper, gold and other valuable metals from a depth of 1,500m

More from David A deep sea mission of genuine exploration Legacy of Britain's great flood Can UK science navigate around the Valley of Death Is graphene really a wonder-material?

Plans to open the world's first mine in the deep ocean have moved significantly closer to becoming reality.

A Canadian mining company has finalised an...

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Top Faculty Awards

April 24, 2014


Top Faculty Awards

The University of Maine’s top annual faculty awards for 2014 will be presented May 10 to four researchers in marine sciences, electrical and computer engineering, and computing and information science.

Mary Jane Perry, professor of oceanography and interim director of UMaine’s Darling Marine Center, is the 2014 Distinguished Maine Professor, an award presented by the University of Maine Alumni Association in recognition of outstanding achievement in the...

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With young lobsters in decline, concern for Maine fishery rises

April 23, 2014


With young lobsters in decline, concern for Maine fishery rises Researchers believe warming ocean temperatures, an increase in predation and pollution could be responsible.

By Patrick Whittle 
The Associated Press

YARMOUTH – The number of baby lobsters settling off the rocky coast of Maine continues to steadily decline – possibly foreshadowing an end to the recent record catches that have boosted New England’s lobster fishery, scientists say.

click image to enlarge

A scientist...

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Ian Jones - How Ocean Acidification Impacts Lobster Larvae

April 15, 2014


Third-year marine sciences major  Ian Jones of Canton, Conn., is studying how ocean acidification impacts lobster larvae, an important resource for the Maine economy.

Jones works with American lobsters raised at UMaine’s Aquaculture Research Center (ARC). The lobster larvae were raised last summer at various pH levels, replicating natural environments and the impact of ocean acidification. Jones weighed and photographed approximately 700 lobster larvae to monitor their growth in these...

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2014 College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture Outstanding Research Award

April 4, 2014






Congratulations to Dr. Peter Jumars, Professor of Oceanography, for being selected as the recepient of the 2014 College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture Outstanding Research Award!!

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Goode’ work ethic drives marine science pursuit

March 20, 2014


Clad in a grey hoodie and jeans, with his girlfriend in tow, Andrew Goode seems like any other college student. But engage him in conversation and the 2012 Boothbay Region High School graduate displays a self-assurance and focus unusual for his age.

Goode, currently a sophomore at University of Maine, Orono, hopes to pursue a career in marine science. Through dedication and hard work, he has earned high grades, academic  honors and accolades from his teachers.

Raised in Boothbay, Goode is...

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UMaine's CCAR Assists in Development of Recirculating Aquaculture Technology

March 5, 2014



Chefs often go to the docks to select fresh catch to prepare their evening seafood dinners.

In the near future, area chefs and the public may routinely be getting fresh, sustainable fish from a Maine-based indoor fish farm.

A number of locals are working toward that future, including middle-school students, educators, marine scientists, businesspeople, funders, and a fisherman who helps run a cooperative. Participants involved in this cutting-edge indoor fish farming technology project...

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