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Top lobster scientists gather in Maine

November 27, 2012




PORTLAND, Maine — On the heels of a summer that featured a potentially record-breaking lobster haul in Maine and Canada and a crash in wholesale prices, top lobster scientists are meeting in Maine to look at fundamental changes that have affected lobsters in recent years.

The Maine Sea Grant program is hosting a conference in Portland focusing on things such as warming ocean temperatures, the changing food web and...

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A Rogue Climate Experiment Outrages Scientists

October 22, 2012


A California businessman chartered a fishing boat in July, loaded it with 100 tons of iron dust and cruised through Pacific waters off western Canada, spewing his cargo into the sea in an ecological experiment that has outraged scientists and government officials.


The entrepreneur, whose foray came to light only this week, even duped the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States into lending him ocean-monitoring buoys for the project.

Canada’s environment...

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Engineering Literacy for Undergraduates in Marine Science: A Case for Hands On

August 28, 2012


A recent article published in Oceanography by Emmanuel Boss.  See link below for story.


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Maine Space Grant fellowship awarded

August 28, 2012



Kerstin Cullen, an SMS Oceanography graduate student working with Andrew Thomas was awarded a 2012 Maine Space Grant graduate fellowship for her project "Time and space variability of phytoplankton biomass on the Gulf of Alaska shelf: links to dominant forcing mechanisms". Maine Space Grant fellowships are awarded using NASA funds for research that helps NASA fulfill its mission.


A description of the project is available here.


Time and space variability of phytoplankton...

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Patagonian Fjords: Finding Corals and Surprises

August 16, 2012


Dr. Rhian Waller is a professor of Marine Sciences at the Darling Marine Center (University of Maine, USA) and specializes in the ecology of deep-sea and cold-water organisms, particularly corals. Rhian has led or participated in over 40 international research and exploration cruises and expeditions to some of the most remote parts of the planet, and has published over 30 scientific papers and book chapters in her 9 year career. She is passionate about educating the next generation of...

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Maine leads nation with first commercial, grid-tied tidal turbine

August 16, 2012  


Maine was at the center of green energy Tuesday as the Ocean Renewable Power Co. launched a major tidal energy project in Cobscook Bay, which is connected to the Bay of Fundy, famous for its tides. The first of several turbines was to be lowered into the water, and the goal is that it will start cranking out the power by Sept. 1.

Natural Resources Defense...

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Discovery in the North Atlantic

July 10, 2012


Discovery in the North Atlantic

Scientists Discover Eddies Trigger Phytoplankton Blooms in the North Atlantic


The spring phytoplankton bloom in the subpolar North Atlantic can begin up to 30 days earlier than previously thought as the result of eddies stratifying the near-surface waters, according to the results of a study reported today in the journal Science and announced by the National Science Foundation.

The discovery has implications for the Gulf of Maine, which is fed by the waters of...

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Pettigrew in AP article on new marine research vehicle

May 7, 2012


Neal Pettigrew, a professor of physical oceanography at the University of Maine, was interviewed for an Associated Press article in the Portland Press Herald  about a new unmanned ocean research vehicle, Wave Glider, launched Thursday near Monhegan Island in the Gulf of Maine. A result of a collaboration between UMaine's School of Marine Sciences and Wave Glider manufacturer Liquid Robotics Inc. in California, and coordinated by the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System, the robotic...

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Marine Sciences UMaine grad student symposium

May 3, 2012


marine sciences  UMaine grad student symposium   Graduate students in the University of Maine's School of Marine Sciences will have the opportunity to discuss their research at the 13th Annual Graduate Student Symposium, May 7-8 at the Darling Marine Center in Walpole, Maine.

Research presentations start each day at 9:30 a.m. 

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Oceanography and Marine Biology textbook

April 16, 2012


Dr. David Townsend, Professor in the School of Marine Sciences recently had his textbook published and will be using it this fall in his SMS 100 Introduction to Ocean Sciences.


Oceanography and Marine Biology preserves the basic elements of the physical, chemical, and geological aspects of the marine sciences, and merges those fundamentals into a broader framework of marine biology and ecology. This approach works. But existing textbooks on oceanography or marine biology address the...

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