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Archive: February 2008

Bob Steneck Gets More Good Press over More Bad News for the Oceans

February 26, 2008


In December, Bob Steneck was published in Science over the likely impacts of global warming and ocean acidification on coral reefs.  This month he was published again in Science (again with an impressive array of colleagues) in a study that maps the extent of degradation of the global ocean from seventeen different kinds of human impacts.  A stunning four percent of ocean remains pristine.  Before you rejoice in that four percent, be warned that much of it is polar and at imminent risk....

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Colleagues Reveal Surprises in Sea Anemone Genome

February 7, 2008



A team of international researchers, one of them a University of Maine professor, has discovered in a primitive starlet sea anemone the genes for a biochemical pathway that scientists had thought did not exist in animals. Malcolm Shick, a professor of oceanography and zoology at the UMaine School of Marine Sciences, and six colleagues, including Walt Dunlap, a former UMaine Visiting Libra Professor now at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, published their findings recently in...

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