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Archive: September 2013

SMS Undergraduate Awarded NSF Travel Grant

September 30, 2013


SMS Undergraduate Awarded NSF Travel Grant


Late last week third-year SMS undergraduate Tyler Carrier was awarded  $1,000 travel by the National Science Foundation to attend and present at the North American Echinoderm Conference held at the University of Western Florida in June 2014. Tyler’s talk will be titled: Responses of Dendraster excentricus larvae when exposed to Pleurobrachia bachei.



Between fertilization and settlement, marine invertebrate larvae can be...

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Student Profiles - Jeffrey Dubois

September 16, 2013



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On a sunny July day , Jeffrey Dubois hops into a boat at the dock of the University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center in Walpole. Wearing a blaze orange life vest, cargo shorts, T-shirt and a baseball cap, he starts the motor and heads out to the right side of the pier. He steers the boat toward one of four trapping stations he has set up along the shore in the Damariscotta River estuary. Accompanied by a fellow researcher, he hauls a trap from...

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Maine marine scientist to explore ‘cold corals in hot water’

September 13, 2013


Walpole, Maine — In the wake of dramatic glacier retreat and ice shelf collapses on the Western Antarctic Peninsula, a University of Maine marine scientist will explore how Antarctic corals, which provide habitat for thousands of connected species, cope with warming ocean water.


Rhian Waller, an associate research professor in the School of Marine Sciences, received a National Science Foundation grant totaling $381,384 for the two-year project titled “Cold Corals in Hot Water —...

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