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People Overview

If you need to locate a faculty member with knowledge about particular functions of SMS (e.g., graduate admissions), you can find them on the list of current faculty committees.

Preparing to spawn a halibut at the Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research.
Preparing to spawn a halibut.
With about 50 faculty the SMS offers graduate students a wide variety of courses and extensive research opportunities. Graduate students can easily find a research cluster to match their interests, or develop a new one by drawing together the talents of our faculty.

Many of our faculty are renowned around the world for their research, which covers a broad spectrum of marine studies from molecular biology and biotechnology to fisheries science, fisheries economics and anthropology, and from marine geology and coastal engineering to aquaculture, marine ecology and most aspects of oceanography.

Our faculty serve as a resource for the state, the New England region and the nation, and provide a wealth of expertise for undergraduate and graduate education, applied and basic research and public service.


Browse bios and contact information for the many people of the School of Marine Sciences, including faculty, staff, and graduate students or go directly to our phone list.

Find a mentor

Current and prospective students, use our innovative find a mentor tool to locate a faculty member who is a specialist in your area of interest.

Alumni & friends directory

Browse our alumni & friends directory and keep in touch with program graduates and other associates of SMS. SMS graduates and friends of SMS can also submit their own information to appear in the directory.

Find a Job

When we have job opportunities available, they'll be posted here. Thank you for your interest in The School of Marine Sciences.

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