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UMass Lab Tech position

February 12, 2013


The posting is at



If you have anyone good who would fit the bill, please send them my way.



Job Description:

The temporary Laboratory Technician I for the Biology department will be responsible for providing field and laboratory support for a marine community ecology lab investigating the consequences of climate change for sub-tidal ecosystems in the Gulf of Maine. Duties include, but are not limited to: be responsible for conducting extensive biological surveys of rocky reef communities using SCUBA; follow and assist in the creation of protocols to set up, monitor and maintain a variety of oceanographic instruments and sub-tidal field experiments; establish and maintain a well-organized lab environment; maintain and organize lab sampling gear and instrumentation for the field and ensure the proper working condition; conduct biological surveys, including the abundance and size of common algae, invertebrates and fish, in the Gulf of Maine; install and recover biological sampling devices and oceanographic instrumentation from the field; document sampling protocols and metadata; assist in processing and sorting biological field samples; maintain the cleanliness and safety of the laboratory according to established standards and procedures, utilizing procedures such as disposing of contaminants, washing and sterilizing glassware, and inspecting temperature control equipment; maintain project's databases and ensure quality assurance and quality control of data entered in the database; produce, maintain and present as requested notes and graphic results of experiments, equipment calibration and organizational tasks; maintain accurate records on such matters as materials and procedures used and inventory control records; report to laboratory coordinator as required for clear and thorough communication regarding lab needs; mentor student assistants and volunteers; and other duties as assigned.

Marine Science

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