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Annette DeCharon

If you need to locate a faculty member with knowledge about particular functions of SMS (e.g., graduate admissions), you can find them on the list of current faculty committees.

Annette DeCharon

Contact Information

Annette DeCharon



Darling Center
193 Clarks Cove Road 
Walpole, ME  04573


M.S., Oceanography, Oregon State University, 1988

Research interests

My principal line of research is using multimedia and other techniques to illustrate key connections with special emphasis on the ocean-climate system.  I am Director of Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) -Ocean Systems, one of 12 Centers across the U.S.  We have developed an Ocean-Climate Interface and linked tools to create online "concept maps" in a collaborative manner.  I am also the lead developer of education and outreach materials for the NASA Aquarius sea surface salinity mission scheduled to launch in 2010.


  • Education & Public Outreach for the NASA Aquarius Mission, 2005, A. deCharon
  • Hatch to Catch II, 2004, A. deCharon, R. Wahle, and T. Wysor
  • Phytopia: Discovery of the Marine Ecosystem. 2003, A. deCharon and M. Sieracki
  • Toxic & Harmful Algal Blooms. 2001. A. deCharon, S. Etheridge and M. KellerCycling through the Food Web. 2001. A. deCharon and M. Sieracki
  • Hatch to Catch. 2000. A. deCharon, L. Incze, R.Wahle and N. Wolff
  • From the Top of the World to the Bottom of the Food Web. 2000. A. deCharon

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