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Bob Fleming

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Bob Fleming

Contact Information

Bob Fleming


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5771 Mackay Lab Rm 102
University of Maine 
Orono, ME  04469


M.S. MIT, 2001 (Geosystems)<BR>B.A. Harvard University, 1984 (Geology )


Scientific Programmer, System Administrator, Data Analyst, Engineering and Operations support for the Physical Oceanography Group and the GoMOOS project.

Research interests

I am currently working with the Physical Oceanography group led by Neal Pettigrew -- the talented folks at the University of Maine who put together and maintain the Gulf of Maine Ocean Observation System (GoMOOS), which includes buoys, HF radar, and autonomous gliders.

I work with the incoming telemetry from buoys and support the processing, archival, reporting and quality assurance of Ocean Observation System data.  I also help out with instrumentation and marine deployment and recovery of buoys on our regular buoy cruises.

General research interests include marine geology and geophysics, submarine geomorphology, geophysical fluid dynamics, inverse problems in geophysics, computational geometry, signal and image processing, sensor integration, landscape evolution.




  • Pettigrew, N. R., J.P. Wallinga, and R. Fleming, 2005. Field
    comparison tests of a bottom-mounted Aanderaa RDCP600 with an RDI
    Workhorse 600 ADCP, and a moored string of Aanderaa RCM9 MKII current
    meters. IEEE Proceedings, Eighth Current Measurement Technology
    Conference 2005, 41-45.
  • Earthworks, LLC, Subsurface Geophysical Exploration, Newark Bay and Arthur Kill
    Channels, Task #2 - Arthur Kill Rock Evaluation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
    New York District. 2004.
  • D.Coles,Y.Vichabian,R.Fleming,C.DesAutels, V.Briggs,P.Vermeesch,J.R.Arrell,L.Lisiecki,T.Kessler, H.Hooper, E.Jensen, J.Sogade, F.D.Morgan. Spatial decision analysis of geothermal resource sites in the Qualibou Caldera, Saint Lucia, Lesser Antilles Geothermics, Volume 33, Issue 3, June 2004, Pages 277-308
  • Fleming, R., W. Murphy, B. Boyd, G. Fleming, S. Beda, W. B. Ward, B. Baker, Impact of Geology and Geophysics on the Channel Improvement Project in New York Harbor, Tenth Conference on the Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York, April, 2003.
  • Earthworks, LLC, Subsurface Geophysical Exploration, Newark Bay and Arthur Kill Channels, Task 2 - Arthur Kill Rock Evaluation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, 2003.
  • Earthworks, LLC, Subsurface Geophysical Exploration: Port Jersey Channel Passaic Valley Sewage Tunnel, US Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, October, 2002.
  • McCormick, D., J. Thurmond, J. Grotzinger, R. Fleming, 2000. Creating a 3-dimensional model
    of clinoforms in the upper San Andres Formation, Last Chance Canyon, New Mexico.
    AAPG Abstracts with Programs, Annual AAPG meeting, New Orleans, LA, May, 2000

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