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Linda Kling

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Linda Kling

Contact Information

Linda Kling


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207 Rogers Hall
University of Maine 
Orono, ME  04469-5741


Ph.D. University of Maryland


My principle research interest is the improvement of the production and quality of fish through improvements in nutrition and feeding at all life stages of fish especially marine fish species such as Atlantic halibut and Atlantic cod.  Along with my colleagues, we are investigating the formulation and processing of nutritionally complete marine fish diets that will increase the number and viability of marine larval fish.  I am interested in the improvement in the production performance of aquatic organisms by formulating and processing new extruded feeds based on Maine products and on alternative protein feed ingredients.

Research interests

The groundfish fisheries in the Northeast has declined dramatically in rece consumer demand and naturally declining stocks suggest that many of these specie potential for commercial cultivation. However, a major obstacle to cultivation the early life stages. Over the last few years my research has focused on ident rearing technologies to improve survival and growth of cod and haddock larvae. research goal is to develop microparticulate diets that can be used at an early food organisms and to identify optimal feeding protocols for marine larval fish commercialization of these species. Secondarily, I am interested in developing ingredients that can be used in the manufacturing of fish feeds. For example, evaluated the value of sea cucumber-processing waste as a pigment source for Atl grower diets. And currently we are interested in developing products from underu resources to use in larval fish diets.


  • Aquaculture
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  • American Fisheries Society
    Kling, L.J. and Baskerville-Bridges. 2001. Culturing of Atlantic cod ((Gadus morhua): A Comparison of Past (1897) and Present (1997) Techniques. In: A Century of Fish Culture (eds R. Piper and N. Parker), American Fisheries Society. (Invited paper, in review).
  • Journal of Fish Biology
    Hamlin, H.J., I. Hunt von Herbing and L.J. Kling. 2000. Histological and morphological evaluations of the digestive tract and associated organs of haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus), throughout post-hatching ontogeny. Journal of Fish Biology 57: 716-732.
  • Aquaculture Nutrition
    Baskerville-Bridges, B. and L.J. Kling. 2000. Development and evaluation of microparticulate diets for early weaning of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) larvae. Aquaculture Nutrition 6: 171-182.
  • Aquaculture
    Baskerville-Bridges, B. and L.J. Kling. 2000. Early weaning of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) larvae onto a microparticulate diet. Aquaculture 189: 109-117.

    Baskerville-Bridges, B. and L.J. Kling. 2000. Larval culture of Atalntic cod (Gadus morhua) at high larval stocking densities. Aquaculture 181: 61-69.
  • Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology
    Goldhord, S.H., R.A. Giurca and L.J. Kling. 1996. PCB levels in dogfish and skate byproducts. J. Aquatic Food Product Technology. 5: 93-95.
  • Poultry Sci
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  • 1992 Poultry Sci
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  • 1991 Poultry Sci
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  • 1990 Poultry Science
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  • 1987 Poultry Sci
    Kling, L.J., J.H. Soares, Jr. and W.A. Halteman. 1987. Effect of Vitamin E and Synthetic Antioxidants on the Survival Rate of Mercury-Poisoned Japanese Quail. Poultry Sci. 66: 325-331.
  • Journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry
    Kling, L.J., R.J. Bushway, R.M. Cleale and A.A. Bushway. 1986. Nutrient characteristics and glycoalkaloid content of potato distiller by-products. J. Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 34: 54-58.
  • Nutrition Reports International
    Kling, L.J. 1985. The effect of calcium and phosphorus on the incidence of tibial dyschondroplasia in young chicks. Nutrition Reports Intl. 32: 1473-1480.
  • 1985 Poultry Sci
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  • 1985ta Poultry Science
    Kling, L.J., R.O. Hawes, R.W. Gerry and W.A. Halteman. 1985. Effects of early maturation of brown egg-type pullets, flock uniformity layer protein level and cage design on egg production, egg size and egg quality. Poultry Sci. 64: 1050-1059.
  • 1985tb Poultry Science
    Blake, J.H., L.J. Kling and W.A. Halteman. 1985. The relationship of the amino acid composition of a portion of the outer eggshell membrane to eggshell quality. Poultry Sci. 64: 176-182.
  • 1985tc Poultry Science
    Kling, L.J., R.O. Hawes and R.W. Gerry. 1985. Effects of early maturation, layer protein level and methionine concentration on production performance of brown egg type pullets. Poultry Sci. 64: 640-645.
  • 1984 Poultry Sci
    Blake, J.H. and L.J. Kling. 1984. Examination of the Potential Role of Gamma-Carboxyglutamic Acid in Eggshell Quality. Poultry Sci. 63: 981-986.
  • 1982 Poultry Sci
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  • 1981 Nutrition Reports International
    Kling, L.J. and J. H. Soares, Jr. 1981. The effect of vitamin E and dietary linoleic acid on mercury toxicity. Nutrition Reports International 24: 39-46.
  • 1980 Poultry Sci
    Kling, L.J. and J.H. Soares, Jr. 1980. Vitamin E deficiency in the Japanese Quail. Poultry Sci. 59: 2352-2354.
  • 1978 Poultry Sci
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    Kling, L.J. and J.H. Soares, Jr. 1978. Mercury Metabolism in the Japanese Quail I. The effect of dietary mercury and selenium on their thissue distribution. Poultry Sci. 57: 1286-1292.

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