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Sheri Floge

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Sheri Floge

Contact Information

Sheri Floge


M.Sc. University of Maine 2005

Research interests

My research is focused on the role of persistent virus infections in the ecology of marine eukaryotic phytoplankton.  I am currently isolating and characterizing novel viruses that form long-term symbioses with eukaryotic phytoplankton in culture systems.  


  • Floge, S. A., K. R. Hardy, E. Boss and M. L. Wells. 2009. Analytical intercomparison between
    type I and type II long-pathlength liquid core waveguides for the measurement of chromphoric dissolved organic matter. Limnol. Oceanogr.: Methods 7: 260 – 268.

    For more information: Full Text

  • Floge, S. A. and M. L. Wells. 2007. Variation in colloidal chromophoric dissolved organic
    matter in the Damariscotta Estuary, Maine. Limnol. Oceanogr. 52: 32 – 45.

    For more information: Full Text

  • Mulholland, M. R., S. Floge, E. J. Carpenter and D. G. Capone. 2002. Phosphorous dynamics
    in cultures and natural populations of Trichodesmium spp. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 239: 45-55.
  • Lin, S., S. Henze, P. Lundgren, B. Bergman and E. Carpenter. 1998. Whole-cell
    immunolocalization of nitrogenase in marine diazotrophic Cyanobacteria, Trichodesmium spp. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 64: 3052-3058.

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