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Steven Auscavitch

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Steven Auscavitch

Contact Information

Steven Auscavitch

Darling Marine Center
193 Clarks Cove Rd 
Walpole, ME  04573


B.S. Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut, 2011

Research interests

My research focuses on determining biogeographic patterns of animals in deep-water coral and sponge communities within Drake Passage region of the Southern Ocean. The Southern Ocean is one of the most rapidly warming regions on Earth, yet organisms that live in this part of the worlds ocean are extremely sensitive to rapid environmental change. I will be using in situ photographs and video to examine benthic community composition to assess large-scale population patterns. Corals and sponges distributions have shifted since the peak of the last glacial maximum due to environmental changes in temperature and food availability. Understanding present constraints on coral distributions can allow us to determine future responses of these animals, and the habitat they create, to anthropogenic perturbation like ocean warming and acidification.



  • C. Van Dover, K. L.C. Bell, L. Marsh, C. German, B. John, M. Cheadle, M. Vecchione, D. Amon, B. Ball, J. Copley, C. Smart, S. A. Fuller, B. T. Phillips, K. Cantner, S. Auscavitch, and R. D. Ballard. (2014) Exploration of the Mid-Cayman Rise. Oceanography 27(1), supplement, 32-33.

    For more information: Full Text

  • S. Carey, K. L.C. Bell, S. Sparks, A. Stinton, J. Ausubel, B. T. Phillips, N. A. Raineault, N. Siu, C. Fandel, O. Graham, H. Ramsingh, R. Blake, S. Auscavitch, A. W.J. Demopoulos, and K. Rodrigue. (2014). Impact of Volcanic Eruptions on the Seafloor around Montserrat, West Indies. Oceanography 27(1), supplement, 36-37.

    For more information: Full Text

  • Auscavitch, S.R., Waller, R.G. First insights to biogeographic patterns of cold-water coral and sponge communities across the Drake Passage. Poster session presented at: Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014; February 23-28; Honolulu, HI.

    For more information: Full Text

  • Auster, P.J., Kilgour, M., Packer, D., Waller, R., Auscavitch, S. & Watling, L. (2013). Octocoral gardens in the Gulf of Maine (NW Atlantic), Biodiversity, DOI: 10.1080/14888386.2013.850446

    For more information: Full Text

  • Auscavitch, S.R. & DeBey, H.S. Patterns of predatory fishes within and around marine protected areas of Bonaire. in: Steneck et al., 2013. Status and Trends of Bonaire’s Reef in 2013: Causes for Optimism.

    For more information: Full Text

  • Auster, P. J., Grenda, D., Godfrey, J., Heupel, E., Auscavitch, S., & Mangiafico, J. (2011). Behavioral Observations of Lilliputian Piscivores: Young-of-Year Sphyraena barracuda at Offshore Sub-Tropical Reefs (NW Atlantic Ocean). Southeastern Naturalist, 10(3), 563–569.

    For more information: Full Text or Download file (PDF)

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