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Sugandha Shankar

If you need to locate a faculty member with knowledge about particular functions of SMS (e.g., graduate admissions), you can find them on the list of current faculty committees.

Sugandha Shankar

Contact Information

Sugandha Shankar


B.Sc (H) University of Delhi, India, 2008 ; M.Sc Madurai Kamaraj University, India 2010

Research interests

My work is based on the hypothesis that ammonium is the more important form of dissolved inorganic nitrogen supporting annual summertime blooms of Alexandrium fundyense in the Gulf of Maine -- Georges Bank region. During my stay here I expect to elucidate the role ammonium plays in the Alexandrium fundyense blooms, describing the half saturation constant for ammonium and, based on field surveys, examine the correlation between nitrate concentration, ammonium concentration and Alexandrium cell densities present in the Gulf of Maine.

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