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Walt Golet

If you need to locate a faculty member with knowledge about particular functions of SMS (e.g., graduate admissions), you can find them on the list of current faculty committees.

Walt Golet

Contact Information

Walt Golet



350 Commercial Street
Portland, ME  04101


B.S. University of Maine 1997, M.S. University of New Hampshire 2004, Ph.D. University of New Hampshire 2010


Highly migratory species, tunas, billfish and swordfish are large charasmatic species that undertake large migrations across entire ocean basins.  They are fished by many countries, thus their management takes place at an international level.  A comprehensive understanding of their life history is essential for proper management, yet many of these traits have yet to be fully understood.  My main areas of research are directed at improving our understanding of life history and incorporating that information into more robust stock assessment models.  Areas of interest include, age, growth, stock strucutre, energetics, reproduction, foraging ecology, migration and distribution.  In addition to this very applied work, I also look at the linkages between these life history traits, the environement and the interplay of management strategies between species.  A large portion of my work also looks at ways to intergrate fishermen into the assessment process through biological sampling of target species.  I hold an academic postion on the NOAA Highly Migratory Species Advisory Panel and partcipate in the Standing Committee on Research and Statistics with ICCAT. 



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